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Benefits of Fish Oil

Fish Oil & Statins Protect the Heart

The Amercian Heart Association (AHA) has produced a study of 18,000 Japanese people over the course of 5 years which reported that the use of fish oil oil in conjuction with statins,

a cholesterol-lowering drug, had a greater effect on reducing heart-related maladies than just statins alone. These conditions included: sudden cardiac death, heart attack, unstable angina (sustained chest pain due to the heart's oxygen starvation), or undergoing procedures to reopen blocked arteries, such as angioplasty/stenting or coronary artery bypass surgery.

The AHA reported that this type of study is "the first large-scale, prospective, randomized trial that combines statins and omega-3 fatty acid therapy." The study found that it as more beneficial to treat patients with both statin and fish oil supplements, than just being treated with statin alone - nearly a 20% risk reduction from placebo treatment.

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